Frequently Asked Questions

During the first session, we will discuss your circumstances, personal aims and consider the best approach to meet your needs, whilst answering any questions that you might have.

All sessions are without obligation; however, we do ask that you provide 24 hours notice for session cancellation; otherwise, you will be charged.

This differs for each individual, you may want to address a specific issue that you feel requires only a set number of sessions or you may want to leave it open-ended. Either way, we will review after an agreed period and go from there.

I would suggest once weekly to start. This allows you to put strategies into practise or reflect on what has been discussed. Later you might feel that once fortnightly better suits your needs or once monthly for ‘check-in’ sessions. Arrangements are negotiable.

We are not a crisis service if you need immediate support contact your GP, call 111 or 999 alternatively visit your local A&E who will have dedicated mental health support team.

The priority is that you will feel safe and supported. Most everything you share will be confidential and be dealt with the utmost care. The only exceptions to confidentiality are if I was to become concerned about your welfare or the welfare of others.

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